Scrapebox Essentials

You just purchased Scrapebox, and you think you are all set. Well, you’re wrong.   Scrapebox Itself Is an awesome tool In terms of SEO, It truly Is the Swiss Army Knife of SEO software. With that said, you are not ready to tackle everything Scrapebox has to offer right out of It’s box. There are a few extra costs that will allow you to take Scrapebox to the next level, and some of them are even essential.

  1. Proxies
  2. Captcha Solvers
  3. VPS

Below we are going to go over these three products that are very crucial tools that In my opinion are a must have for Scrapebox.


Proxies play an Important role In Scrapebox, and are really a must have. Sure, you could go with the In built proxy harvester, and test all of the proxies, just for them to be dead by the time the test Is over, but there Is a better way, Private Proxies. Private Proxies are yours, and only yours. This means you will not be using proxies that are publicly shared and banned In hours (sometimes even minutes!) by the search engines.   Our recommended Private Proxy provider for Scrapebox, Is Their Private Proxies start from just $1.49 a month each, and are of the highest quality. The data centers are In the US (mainly), the proxies are fast with no bandwidth limits, and allow unlimited threads to be used. Another plus Is I have never had any downtime with them, the past 2 years I have been a customer. They work perfectly with Scrapebox, and really any other SEO tool out there.   If you’re on more of a budget, they also offer Shared Proxies. These proxies are only shared with a few customers at a time, and they pair you up with customers who have no Interest In doing what you want to use them for. That means no bans! Their Shared Proxies start at $50.00 for 50 Proxies, which Is a fantastic deal.

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Captcha Solvers

Captchas are a very annoying part of the Internet, and are an even more annoying part of SEO Tools such as Scrapebox. Luckily there are captcha solving solutions! You could go with a captcha solving service that charges $2.00 per 1k captchas solved, or you could go with one time fee software that will solve unlimited captchas for you. The 2nd choice sounds much better to you eh? Our vote here goes to GSA Captcha Breaker.   With Captcha Breaker, all you need Is the software running and It will take care of any captchas you may encounter. We found GSA Captcha Breaker cut our costs by A LOT. With a one time fee Instead of getting charged $2 per 1k captcha solves, It’s a winner In our book. When running Scrapebox or any other SEO tool to It’s full potential, you could potentially encounter thousands of captchas an hour. So do yourself a favor, and save some money.

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VPS (Virtual Private Server)

If you plan to run successful Scrapebox Campaigns, you are going to need to have It running 24/7 to get the most out of It. You could run Scrapebox on your home PC all day every day, but will It be worth It? You will be paying extra towards your power bill for having your PC resources being used 24/7, your Internet provider may even charge you extra for the bandwidth you are consuming. There Is an easy, cheap, and effective way to solve this, Virtual Private Servers!   A VPS (Virtual Private Server) Is basically a computer that runs 24/7, and Is hosted In a data center somewhere. This Is truly a must have when you are running any kind of SEO automation software, Including Scrapebox. The server will allow you to run Scrapebox all the time, without costing you In higher electricity bills, Internet bills, and a preoccupied home computer.   For VPS hosting, we recommend Woo Servers. Woo Servers offers reliable Windows VPS hosting, at a cheap price. Starting at just $29.00 a month, you can start running your SEO tools and SEO campaigns 24/7. I have not experienced any downtime with Woo Servers since being a customer, and with great support, unlimited bandwidth, and 100 Mbit/s connection, you will be well on your way to ranking sites like a pro.

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While SEO Automation Tools are great, they are not fully optimized right out of the box. With Proxies, Captcha Solvers, and VPS hosting, you will unlock the full potential of Scrapebox, and all SEO tools alike. These don’t just apply to Scrapebox, any SEO Automation Software will benefit greatly from these assets.

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